Just living my life

Hey guys! It’s been a couple weeks since my last post and no, nothing’s wrong, hold the press, all is well and good in the life of this millennial and I just wanted to put our mind at rest.

It’s summer, my family is around and I’m super busy-something that is both a blessing and a curse. All in all, I’m just living my life attentively and I hope you are too. I’ve also decided to take the month off and so I guess, see you guys in September!



Hey Everyone! I’ve missed you (even though you probably haven’t missed me) and I’m here spreading some good news (more for me than you)! The treacherous and extra suckish exam season is over (actually it’s been over for a while now and I’ve just been lazy I guess shrugs) and so is the wait! I’ve had posts backing up in my memory drive for weeks now and I sooo can’t wait to get on it. Hope you guys are as excited as I am -I know, I have high hopes but let me dream would ya! See you guys back here tomorrow for a NEW UPDATE!


Hey guys! So I’m gonna keep this short because I’m busy and guilt has been eating me up inside. I’ve been MIA again and I know it sucks, trust me I know. The truth is I have exams coming up which are gonna spill over for like two weeks so I’ll most likely be off here. Every now and again I’ll try and post but if I don’t please remember that I’m trying in the midst of everything that’s going on and I love all you guys that are supporting me. So once again, adios, see you soon and happy reading! Xx



“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” 

Hey guys! Yes, I’m alive! It’s been FOREVER since my last post, I mean I missed a whole month. Am I sorry? Nope. Here’s why. During my month and let’s say couple weeks of absence, I’ve been going through a rough patch. You know, the sort of rough patch that makes you numb and emotionally as well as mentally crippled. Suffice to say, I’ve not been doing good. My motivation to write, think, feel, heck some days even move! has been nil. Here’s proof:


I won’t say that I haven’t been feeling like myself lately because I have and trust me that’s the worst part of all this. Anyways, during my absence I rethought a lot of things and decided to change things up on here a little bit, you know, just to facilitate my peace of mind. If you’ve been here before, you’ll realize that the site looks a little bit different (hope you like it!) I won’t say there was any real reasoning behind the change but I definitely saw it as a rebirth for our site.

Here’s a heads up as well, the plan of having a different theme for each month has been canceled. I came to the realization that I was taking Millennial Haven and trying to cram it into a box, trying to make it fit a mold that I knew it wouldn’t fit into (I know right, how hypocritical of me).  I got tempted and left all I knew and all I’d learned behind to fill an impossible quota that I’m pretty sure I set for myself. So from here on out expect things that are out of order, topics that don’t correlate, and posts being put up at random times of day, some clustered together, others heavily spaced out, basically, expect the unexpected from Millennial Haven. My mind doesn’t work in a straight line. It works in curves, and zigzags, and splashes. My mind is my own and the greatest disservice I can do to it is try to morph it into someone else’s. So, I’m going to stop trying to do stuff in a traditional, by the book manner and just pave my own way.

I hope you stay to enjoy this with me. Don’t forget that you can always join in on the conversation, hearing someone else’s voice but my own from time to time really does help. Anyways, happy reading people and see Y’all later! Xx


‘New Year New Mindset’ is this months (Jan 2017) topic. So this month, I’ll be talking all about mental wellness. So every Tuesday and every other Saturday I will pick a mental illness and try to talk about it. I’m going to use my experiences and other people’s experiences to kinda give a broader view and understanding to the issue. I will also be participating in #BellLetsTalkDay this month and if you’d like to know about that click here: Bell Let’s Talk Campaign